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We help you to find the strongest evidence to support your case that allows you the full range of possible winning arguments. Increase your chances of success by not missing an opportunity.

Global Discovery Solutions – Your International Arbitration and Litigation Partner for Strategic Document Review, Legal Discovery and Research.

Leveraging Technology and Expertise for Winning Outcomes.

What We Do

Document Review (On-Site, Off-Site & Archives)

Assessment and Analysis of Client Documents

Investigative Work With Respect To Evidence Found in Documents

Strategy and Recommendations for Approaching a Large Volume Document Review Projects

Training and/or Supervision of Your Document Review Team

Efficiency Evaluation of the Document Review Management System in Use

Who We Are

Global Discovery Solutions specializes in the management of document review, analysis, discovery and strategy focused on international arbitration and litigation.

Digital transformation and electronic data storage now enables cases to go back decades. Our team utilizes a combination of technology tools and over a decade of experience to bring new and strategic ways to drive productive document review allowing us to increase the chances of winning your case in the most efficient manner possible.

We offer a personalized approach for each case, depending on its complexity, industry, volume of documents and your budget in order to reach the most favorable outcome. We work as an extension of your team to achieve quality, efficiency and victory for your client.

Our process brings to bare the full disciplines of document review, deep research, analysis, technical skills and database search. Our meticulous focus on supervising all aspects of the process allows us the opportunity to find the best evidence to support your arguments.

Our team at all levels has extensive legal and technical experience in high stakes multi-billion dollar cases. We are outcome driven and highly efficient. 

At GDS we enable our clients to efficiently discover the strongest evidence for an international arbitration or litigation case to support their arguments to increase their chances of winning their case.