About Our Founder – Iryna Corrigan

Iryna Corrigan is a Managing Director and a founder of Global Discovery Solutions (“GDS”).

GDS was founded by an international arbitration lawyer Iryna Corrigan after nearly twelve years of working for award-winning and internationally recognized law firm in New York.

Her experience includes representing clients in multibillion-dollar energy disputes and negotiations, particularly within the oil and gas industry, as well asĀ representing states and state-owned companies in high-stakes, complex international arbitrations, litigations and corporate transactions.

For the past twelve years she consistently delivered evidence that produced the strongest arguments to win cases. Ms. Corrigan is meticulously detailed and demonstrated success in managing both people and process to produce the strongest possible outcomes for clients.


About Us

We specialize in document review, discovery, research and strategy focused on international arbitration and litigation. We enable our clients to increase their chances of winning their cases by finding the strongest evidence for their arguments. Our clients are law firms and legal departments who require expert assistance with the efficient document review or legal discovery on a project by project basis. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the legal field of research and analysis. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable results to our clients.


Our team is on demand and specifically built to support each project. Each member is selected based on their experience and demonstrated success in their area of proficiency. We test our team members extensively before they come on board to work on client projects. Our team is fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, and Spanish.